I was already a considerable fan of Antarcticats’ incendiary surf punk, but the infusion of pop-heavy hooks on their new single “Teeth” manages to catapult my esteem for the Atlanta trio even higher. And why wouldn’t it? The band maintains the same exhilarating intensity they displayed on their 2015 Short Stories and Irregardless EPs, but they’ve sharpened all their rough edges into gleaming, lethal barbs and added a high-voltage dose of anthemic verve to boot. In short, the track rips, but rather than overwhelming you with sheer energy, the group wins you over with a mix of old-fashioned heart and infectious songwriting.

If you can keep yourself from dancing or air guitaring (that’s a word, right?) long enough, you might also notice that despite it’s bony, enamel-coated title, “Teeth” is a love song. More specifically, it’s a track that explores the early stages of romance, when pure passion is strong and the world seems full of infinite possibility.

“The song is about meeting someone that you have an instant connection with, blowing off your commitments to be with that person, and taking advantage of that brief window before complacency and comfort set in,” says frontman Andrew Joyce.

So, yeah, while there may be some cynicism in the background, it’s easy to overlook it when Antarcticats are pelting you with so many razor-sharp runs and sunny sparks. The trio’s upcoming first full length may be the true indicator of how far they’ve come, but “Teeth” shows a band ready to move in big leaps rather than small steps.

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