Launched in March of this year, Plasma Magazine is a new online publication and creative platform founded by writer and editor Jordan Neal. Established as a means of shedding additional light on Atlanta’s underground music, arts, and culture scene, the magazine also seeks to serve as a stage where local artists will be able to share their work and express themselves to the community at large.

As a means of helping them achieve that goal, Neal and his team have organized the first-ever Plasma Fest, which will take place this Saturday at 787 Windsor. Described as a DIY “all-inclusive” music and arts festival, the all-day event will feature an array of musical performances, immersive art including live art by muralist Felipe Cavalcanti, and an artist vending area, all meant to showcase the diverse talent our city has to offer. “Right now Atlanta seems to be a bit under siege from outside big money influences and we want to make sure that the local artists are not being forgotten,” says Plasma writer and event coordinator Stephen Wilkins. “We believe in building community through art and that’s the kind of scene we want to help grow in Atlanta.”

Keeping true to their word, the musical lineup is a fairly far-flung affair that touches on multiple facets of the Atlanta music scene. Greater inclusivity and building bridges between disparate genres and micro-scenes has been a rallying cry for a lot of local festivals this year, and Plasma Fest’s enticing roster offers hip-hop, pop, metal, shoegaze and all manner of music in between. Headlining the evening is ATL electro pop sensation Cousin Dan, who will premiere his latest video at the event. The evening will conclude with a dance party hosted by DJ Dookie Platters.

“We’re putting on Plasma Fest to show the diverse talent Atlanta has to offer and to throw one hell of a party!” Wilkins exclaims. “There is a lot of potential for growth right now in Atlanta we want to be on the ground floor supporting our friends and community as they hone their skills and talents.”

Plasma Fest

Plasma Fest goes down on Sat., Nov .19 at 787 Windsor. Doors open at 4 p.m. Admission is $15. The event is all ages.

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