A blistering duo of California rock and roll acts made their way to 529 last Thursday to perform aside local openers Jock Gang. Led by guitarist/vocalist Jared Collins, and featuring members of Atlanta stalwarts Shepherds and Bataille, Jock Gang and can be best described as lo-fi art rock. Despite their reputation for harsh dissonance, the group performed a very clean, mysterious, and tight set that set the dial for the next act, Los Angeles psych-punks Death Valley Girls.

It was very clear when the Burger Records foursome came took the stage that they wanted to put on more a theatrical show than their predecessors. The group was accompanied by fog machines and vocalist Bonnie Bloomgarden dramatic gestures were the fuse that ignited an explosive set, which was capped off with a bit of shoving and pushing close to the front.

Finally, Los Angeles trio L.A. Witch took the stage. The group was in fine form, their enigmatic reverb-soaked rock sounding eerie and mesmerizing as they rumbled through such killer cuts as “Ain’t Coming Home” and a particularly fervent rendition of “Get Lost,” which closed out their set.

Check out our photos from the show below.

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