Little Five Points newly renovated and continuously growing Aisle 5 hosted a mix of artists for the CLAVVS release show celebrating their new EP, Halfblood. In addition to the electronic-minded headliners, the lineup included hip-hop trio WorldWideWonders and ’70s inspired pop and soul songstress Chelsea Shag.

Chelsea Shag began the night with a show that included many of songs off her newly released Colours debut. She may have been the opening act, but it was definitely not a set to miss. The Atlanta artist is bringing something unique that we don’t typically see and hear on the scene. Her free-spirited stage presence and stellar guitar work is accompanied by a backing band that consists of a keyboardist and small horn section that help fill out her intoxicating grooves.

Next up were relative newcomers WorldWideWonders, a hip-hop outfit consisting of rappers Jonathan Tucker, Chris Comrie, and Anthony Bama. The group brought a high-energy performance that had absolutely no problem getting the crowd amped. The trio performed a wide selection of cuts, including “Mimosa,” which had the patrons dancing and interacting with the group.

Closing out the evening were headliners CLAVVS, whose moody electropop boasts a strong set of vocals from Amber Renee and atmospheric instrumentals from Grammy-winning producer Graham Marsh. In addition to a cover of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type,” the duo trotted out fan favorites such as “Throats” and “Sit You Down.” The show felt intimate and very personal as Renee captivated the audience with her dance moves and warm, hypnotic singing.

Check out our photos from the show below.

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