It’s hard to keep up with Alessandra Hoshor. Between her visual art, video direction, and musical persona Pamela_ and her sons, Hoshor is a seemingly infinite source of post-everything weirdness. Though she has often experimented with beats, “Broken Plates” is the first instance that her ambient leanings have strayed so close to classic techno. Compared to her other accomplishments, Hoshor’s music has appeared as a bit of a side project, here she is with the first single from her upcoming tape Golden Paradise on Truly Bald Records, and she is planning a full-length release on CGI Records next year.

“Broken Plates” is one of Pamela_ and her sons’ most linear tracks to date, although it still feels like a vehicle for individuals sounds rather than a unified idea. As such, it’s very cerebral techno, destined for headphones more than dance floors. The catchiness of the track is built into sparse melodic layers, through which Hoshor ratchets up the tension before the song dissolves beneath the persistent beat.

Though Pamela_ and her sons continues to evolve, it’s clear that Hoshor still views her music as a multifaceted canvas for a spontaneous ideas, and the sandbox fun of “Broken Plates” proves her music is better for it.

Listen below.

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SoundCloud: @pamela_andhersons