Less is more, is less, is more, is less, is more. Only a few strokes can paint the night sky, the silent fireflies, the power line that snapped in last night’s storm and now rests like a desiccated snake in the grass. See, I can sketch whatever picture I want here, because “Farewell to Summer” stems from a film score that’s no longer a film score, an aborted project that morphed into Severed Together, the fifth album from drone masters Outer Gods. While the auteur duo conjured mostly gaping voids on last year’s Dismal Rift, this slice of the new score hints at a slightly more luminous world, where braided threads of melody guide the listener through cavernous pitch. Yeah, less IS more, but after wandering down the eight minutes of “Farewell to Summer,” the listener should definitely crave more, not less, of Outer Gods’ next opus.

Severed Together is out April 28 via Stickfigure Recordings. Pre-orders are available here.

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