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Artist Name: Tiny Scissors

Who Are They: Two-piece instrumental math rock juggernaut from Atlanta.

Clayton Curtis – Guitar
Jason Belisha – Drums

Sounds Like: Tera Melos jerking off Don Caballero in the back of Mad Max’s V8 Interceptor on the road to Valhalla. Russian Circles cranked to 11 on the stereo. The sound of frayed synapses firing at warp speed. A frantic scramble for sanity amidst a backdrop of unrelenting chaos.

Releases: The band’s debut EP, Demonstration_01, was released in June.

Mandatory Listening: Take your pick. Each of the three tracks on Demonstration_01 is equally complex and aggressive with jarring time changes and lightning-fast riffs that will leave you with your head in a sling. However, while the first few plays can seem exhausting, further inspection reveals a band that understands nuance and is comfortable playing in a wide range of tempos and volumes. Overall, Tiny Scissors are far more menacing than they are meditative, but beneath the tenderizing tumult and hammer-on flurries lies a band capable of more cerebral output. Whether or not they get there remains to be seen, but for now the group’s explosive, all-pistons-firing assault is nothing less than riveting.

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Facebook: @tinyscissorsatl