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Artist Name: Things Amazing

Who Are They: Four-piece instrumental math rock band from Atlanta.

Yasin Knapp – Guitar
Stephen DeFoor – Guitar
Jim Dykstra – Drums
Trenton Largin – Bass

Sounds Like: You know how in conspiracy movies there’s always some genius person that’s got everything mapped out a wall with all these intersecting red lines crossing over one another, pointing to some nefarious mastermind or shadowy organization in the center, and when they try to blow the whistle everyone is like “Nah bruh, you’re crazy,” except they’re not, so they wind up getting killed because they know too much? Things Amazing songs are like those intersecting red lines. Follow the strands and see if you can unravel the mystery.

Releases: The band recently announced an upcoming split with Brunswick, Georgia rockers Goodfires, due out October 6. Additionally, the group released a three-song demo entitled Demos 2016​-​2017 earlier this year on Bandcamp.

Mandatory Listening: Hurtling forward in bursts of energy both spastic and well-contained, “No Traction” reveals a band with impeccable chops and the daring to push those skills to the limit. Still, despite the obvious talent on display, what’s most impressive here is the group’s insatiable curiosity and collective ear for melody. Music this contorted and incongruous is rarely what anyone would consider catchy, but Things Amazing manage to make their off-kilter eruptions and frazzled detours sound downright infectious.

Things Amazing will perform on Sun., Sep. 10, at Musician’s Network at Under the Couch alongside False Accusations (West Virginia), NEWMONEY (full band), Feverest, Kucoshka, and Satyr. Doors open at 6 p.m. Admission is FREE.

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Facebook: @thingsamazingband