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Artist Name: The Vinyl Suns

Who Are They: Four-piece blues rock band from Athens.

Paxton McLelland – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Chris Callahan – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Trae Berry – Bass/Guitar/Harmonica
Jack Lloyd – Drums

Sounds Like: Listen to any Vinyl Suns song and you will immediately feel like you’re being transported to those infamously torrid yet extremely lovable hot summer days in Georgia. The emotionally-rich vocals paired with a funky spin on Southern rock and blues creates a distinctive sound that Greg Allman himself would love.

Releases: The band just released its first recording, Rise N’ Shine, which can be streamed via Spotify.

Mandatory Listening: Closing out their debut LP in a thunderous way is the upbeat and infectious “Time Keeps Slipping’.” Comprised of a rhythmic chord progression, soulful lead vocals, and simple yet stirring melodies, you won’t be able to resist tapping your foot and shaking your hips.

More Info
Facebook: @TheVinylSuns
SoundCloud: @thevinylsuns