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Artist Name: KYLE

Who Are They: New transplants to Atlanta from Savannah to whom KYLE is more than a band name – it’s a way of life. The band has released music on Savannah DIY label Bomb Shelter Records and toured throughout the southeast.

Kyle – Guitar
Kyle – Drums
Kyle – Synths
Kyle – Bass

Sounds Like: An exhilarating mix of synth/math/prog rock which defies the laws of nature with jazzy rhythms, mind-bending riffs, and psyched-out energy. The band builds towering soundscapes on layers of sonic DNA so dense it would take an archeologist to unravel it all and then moves to the next idea before you can blink.

Releases: The band’s self-titled debut was released in March of this year. Their new three-song EP, The Juice, is out tomorrow.

Mandatory Listening: The first track from their new EP, “The Juice Part I,” which takes the energy from their debut and magnifies it before splicing everything up and sucking the listener into a math rock wormhole. Still, the complexity is never discordant and the expansive track relies on a lush backdrop of reverb, the end result of which is more gorgeous than chaotic.

More Info
Facebook: @kylebandsav
SoundCloud: @officialkyleband