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Artist Name: Art School Jocks

Who Are They: Lo-fi indie rock quartet from Atlanta featuring members of Places to Hide, the Wild, and Savant.

Deborah Hudson
Camille Lindsley
Dianna Settles
Ali Bragg

Sounds Like: Is this sad happy music or happy sad music? I guess it depends on which half of the song you’re talking about. In any case, a mix of elation and isolation, like a meditative walk through a summer sun shower or dancing alone in your room after a night of drowning your sorrows in alcohol.

Releases: The band recently released their first recording, a demo track called “Nina” that can be streamed via SoundCloud.

Mandatory Listening: The group’s sole track is a murky affair with muffled vocals and tense guitars that overlap and interweave like so many wires tossed in a drawer. I wouldn’t say it qualifies as catchy or all that melodic, but it has a kinetic energy that demands movement — dance-y or otherwise. Overall, it’s quirky and raw, a compelling lo-fi rocker heavy on promise and no wave cool.

More Info
Facebook: @artschooljocks
Instagram: @artschooljocks
SoundCloud: @artschooljocks