While Newark Wilder’s debut LP explored the traditional sounds and structures of indie rock and post-punk, the group’s new single, “Concert By the Sea,” travels down a more experimental road. I wasn’t expecting to hear a more electric sound from the band, but the foursome pull off the transition well, reaping high rewards from the consistently calculated nature of their work. Despite its varied changes of pace, the beat remains fluid, breathing heavy emotion into the song to match its poignant lyrics. Even as they evolve, Newark Wilder continue to make vulnerable yet powerful music, which is thanks in large part to frontman Ben Kinzer and his ability to set his potent vocals against deeply personal lyrics.

With “Concert By the Sea,” the band manages to exceed expectations and step outside of the box while never seeming to leave their comfort zone. Given their aesthetic shift, it’s hard to say what their upcoming EP, A Winter and Spring, will bring, but I am very excited to hear what comes next. It would be no surprise if 2017 is the year Newark Wilder truly come into their own.

A Winter and Spring is out March 17.

Newark Wilder will perform tonight in support of TV Girl at 529. Berlin, Germany-based Poppet is also slated to play. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $12. 21+ to enter.

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