Do you ever get a little teary-eyed reminiscing of long, beautiful, sunny days spent inside, huddled around a television, controller in hand, adventuring with Link, Kirby, Metroid, and Mario? If the answer is yes, than you will be a fan of Nick Elward’s (aka Nelward) music and his track, “POPskotch.” Self-described as chiptune fusion, Nelward’s style is a mix of his classical training as a jazz musician and his lifelong adoration of video game soundtracks.

“POPskotch” is a prime example of everything that is wonderful about his aesthetic. There is an immediate playfulness and levity to the track as the familiar timbres of 16-bit sound cards come to life. However, Nelward expands on the pallete of sounds generally expected from chiptune songs and incorporates a lot of modern production techniques from pop music in pleasing and clever ways. A wizard of composition, Nelward’s tracks always have a knack for earworm melodies and intricate arrangements. Ultimately, however, “POPskotch” is a fun, whimsical cut that will make you miss your mother’s basement and your pixellated friends. Check it out below.

Nelward will perform on Saturday, June 4 in support of No Eyes, Ehiorobo, and Good Luck Spaceman at Edgewood Speakeasy. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is FREE.

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