Holy crap! Mastodon to the rescue.

After a tumultuous 2015 that saw the closing of both Thunderbox and Avatar Rehearsal studios, many local artists have spent the last year scrambling to find a secure and reasonably accessible home base to practice and store their gear. Now it appears that metal giants Mastodon have stepped up to the plate to help out the community.

In a post on their Facebook page this morning, the band announced they had purchased a building in the West End and were asking potential tenants to email them in order to sign up on the waiting list. The post read as follows:

“Very big news for musicians in the Atlanta area, Mastodon have purchased a rehearsal building in the West End and will be looking for tenants, artists and musicians. We will be hopefully opening in the next few months, you can contact me butterslax@hotmail.com to sign up for the waiting list.”

We are still awaiting further details, but our guess is that even if the band purchased a substantial warehouse, spaces are going to go quick. So if you want in, you better get your name in now.

UPDATE: Chad Radford and Creative Loafing have posted an interview with guitarist Bill Kelliher who is masterminding the effort behind the new rehearsal space, which will be called Ember City. Check it out for further details and information on the project.