There’s a muted inertia to Mannequin Lover’s new track which pressurizes the song with dark, brooding energy. Matthew DeLoach’s vocals waft around the sequenced tones and break up the expansive song into neat sectors of danceable magic. Overall, it exposes a more focused side to his surreal acid pop while invoking diverse influences; everything from the early Berlin scene to ’90s French house to DFA contemporaries Shit Robot.

“Beat It with Chain” might not break new ground in the world of dance music, but it’s a clever fusion of sounds and evidence that DeLoach’s style continues to evolve in new directions. Mannequin Lover has been his solo project for over three years now and he continues to display a wide variety of inspiration, even though his overall output has been relatively sparse.

Listening here, it’s not hard to see how DeLoach made the jump from pop to house, considering the razor-sharp organization behind all his tracks. But compared to the dreamy bedroom jams he was writing just a few years ago, “Beat It with Chain” is a powerful musical statement that begs to be turned up. Check it out below.

DeLoach will be dropping a new track on the upcoming 2016 DKA Records compilation, which should be released by the end of the year.

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