Since the dissolution of Kudzu Kids, Krista Williamson has continued to prove she is a dynamic force, with a diverse amount of talent. Her solo project King Luka is a beautiful waltz of melancholic dreamscapes and vocal harmonies, as exemplified by her last release, the heartbreaking “Fish in the Sea.” I absolutely loved that record’s lyrical imagery and lo-fi sadness, which is why I was excited when the singer-songwriter dropped a new single out of the blue this week.

On Tuesday, Williamson announced her latest is the first peek at an upcoming album containing about 9-10 songs to be released this winter. The cover art features her posed asleep lying on a bag of weed, which makes it feel like she doesn’t feel the need to take herself too seriously and can find humor in the things that sadden her.

With its gut-pounding lyrics about what I assume is a relationship gone sour, “Sleep” is a wondrous and deep venture with a low-tone bedroom emo style that sparks a small reminder of the late Elliott Smith. “When I drive home tomorrow / feel good all alone keep on looking at my phone / Said that I would never fall for another man again / they always leave me hanging,” Williamson sings, her words wrapping themselves around the disheartening feeling of longing for that person you spent so much time with but are unable to be around anymore. It’s a feeling all too common, which only amplifies its tragic nature.

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