Atlanta rapper/producer/community activist Keith William has been keeping busy organizing and curating a fundraiser for mayoral candidate Senator Vincent Fort (the true progressive mayor this city needs, y’all!) via the activist collective wakeATL, but somehow he found time to bang out this dope remix of Future’s omnipresent summer smash “Mask Off.” William isn’t the first artist to reinterpret the track — Kendrick Lamar and electronic dance producer Marshmello have also offered unique takes on the cut — but while other efforts have maintained the song’s major elements and melodic core, William chooses to wipe away many of its identifying features. Gone is the ubiquitous flute riff and pulsing beat that drives the original, replaced by rumbling bass swells, icy synths, and crisp handclaps. The result is a bold reimagining of Future’s grimy crime drama, a formidable remix that is steely and ominous.

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