It’s been just over a year since our cover story on Josh Yoder and his battle with brain cancer. At the time, Yoder was just emerging from the fog of his debilitating radiation therapy and was preparing to undergo six months worth of chemotherapy in an attempt to combat the egg-sized tumor in his left frontal lobe. Despite the life-or-death severity of the challenges ahead of him, he remained hopeful and was eager to get back to work making films and creating music with his longtime band Jungol. So what exactly has he and his bandmates been up to in 2016?

Written, directed, filmed, edited, and produced by Yoder and featuring new music by Jungol, Dreaming to Sleep is an upcoming film Yoder created while finishing post-surgery treatment. Earlier today the band unveiled a trailer via social media, and from the looks of it the movie will be another abstract, slightly nightmarish, stream-of-consciousness work in the vein of the group’s 2014 film, Go Softly. While this is certainly welcome news for those of us who thoroughly enjoy immersing ourselves in the band’s otherworldly visions, I can’t help but note that the bigger story is Yoder’s inspirational stamina and will to rise above his tragic circumstances. Life handed him the world’s largest, most putrid lemon and he’s out here serving us delicious (albeit very creepy) lemon drops. Watch below.

Dreaming to Sleep is out in 2017.

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