Coated thick in narcotic glaze, Juan de Fuca’s latest single strikes with a sedative chill that feels especially appropriate for this weekend’s shivery shift in weather. It’s a song that conjures the beauty of barren trees and grey skies, of solitary drives across long and lonely stretches of road. Overall it’s more dreamy than downcast, but the emotional pull nevertheless remains one of longing and quiet desperation.

Built around a spiraling guitar line and the gentle swell of cello (courtesy of Big Morgan’s Andrew Cleveland), the track unfurls like a soft winter breeze. On its own, frontman Jack Cherry’s languid voice would have been enough to carry the day, but the addition of supporting vocals from songwriter, photographer, and recent Awful Records signee Faye Webster adds a subtle touch of tension and color that lends some needed weight to the song’s spectral frame. It’s sad and desolate and broken—and also remarkably beautiful. Whether or not the track will appear on the group’s upcoming Solve/Resolve LP remains to be seen, but regardless it’s another triumph for a young Athens band just beginning to make their mark.

Juan de Fuca will perform on Sat., Mar. 25 at RowdyDowdy when they play in support of Kudzu Kids, Fuiste, and Dead Neighbors. Dear Blanca will open the show. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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