Created in 2012 by David Sherman of Ganges Phalanges and Billy Duncan of Seagulls, Jabroni Fest has become a yearly ritual for local punk and metal fans looking to bond over copious beers and rowdy riffs from a wide assortment of regional acts. Now in its fourth year, the festival looks to continue that tradition with another lineup chock full of bands representing all corners of the Southeast. In addition to Jabroni regulars like Seagulls, Karbomb, Shehehe, and Campaign, the 2016 bill features groups from Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. With sets limited to just 25 minutes each, the quick turnover should ensure the energy stays plenty high and no one artist wears out their welcome.

The three-day festival takes place this November 10-12 at its usual haunt, the Star Bar. You can check out the official poster below. In a statement, Jabroni Fest organizer Steve Johnson had this to say about this year’s lineup and festivities:

“This year, I’m excited for jfest because… it’s jfest. It’s OUR party. This year, we’re cramming more bands than ever into the three nights Star Bar has given us so people coming in will get a great sample of bands from around the Southeast. We’ve vetted them all as great live bands, and the vast majority are playing for 25 minutes max so they never quite go on too long if they’re not your thing or your interest wanes. Beyond the bands, Star Bar’s owner, management, and staff have always been great to us. Our people like live music and spending money on vast quantities of alcohol, so really it’s a perfect match.”

Jabroni Fest

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