Stop. Take a deep breath. Check your oxygen tank. We’re about to dive deep into uncharted waters—deeper than the sun’s rays can penetrate, deeper than what most living organisms can bear. Our destination is the new sunken lair of Isaak Pancake and Murk Daddy Flex, two of Athens’ most devious producers. We tried to deploy a camera down there, but something interfered with our signal. Can you investigate the scene for us? Here’s what we know. The last time we saw Isaak Pancake, aka Garrett Burke, he’d just submerged into Athens’ depths with the Philadelphia-born deep-sea vessel DRUMS OLO. Meanwhile, Terence Chiyezhan, alias Murk Daddy Flex, had already established a stronghold on the shoreline, as both a purveyor of prismatic beats and a member of the pyrotechnic squad Saline.

Our intel reports suggest that this new abode of theirs, codenamed “Jury Portrait,” appeared sometime at the end of December. We’ve saved some footage from the now defunct camera, but we’re still perplexed by the data. Phosphorous auras outline the shape of a woman, nearly supine, with a glass cylinder of bright violet liquid in one hand. Bubbles and static obscure the screen; the auras expand and contract like reflections in a mirror maze, so that three to five women phase in and out. While our surveillance footage from DRUMS OLO was riddled with similar glitches, we never expected any human life on the other side. Murk Daddy Flex often dabbled in surreal missions of this ilk, but not in such stark environs as these. Just as our researchers could begin to parse out what was happening, though, the image cuts to black.

That’s where you come in. Think you can poke down there and shoot some video for us? We’ve arranged a special vessel for your descent—don’t hesitate to radio back if anything goes awry. Granted, once you delve down far enough, we can’t assist you. So good luck, OK?

“Jury Portrait” is the first single from Isaak Pancake and Murk Daddy Flex’s upcoming collaborative LP, Lucky Numbers.

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