There are two things that stand out listening to “Colors,” the new single from Atlanta songstress Indee Killed the Pop Star. The first is the deceptive simplicity of the music. During the verses, stark guitar notes protrude from a background of minimalist percussion, isolated and fragile like so many ice-covered tree branches. They’re countered by an animated chorus that glides along in a steady, dreamlike waltz, ushering in a kind of diffused warmth to the otherwise wintry sonic panorama.

The second thing, of course, are the vocals which manage to sound lush and gorgeous in a way that feels alluring, yes, but also idiosyncratic. Although there is an overriding sense of familiarity, nothing here resolves exactly the way you think it will, creating pockets of tension that work to unsettle the song’s stately flow. Indie pop is not a genre I turn to often, but this is positively luminous songwriting that’s deserving of attention.

Listen below.

Indee Killed the Pop Star will perform tonight at Aisle 5 in support of the Pussywillows. Fellow locals Trash Panda open the show. Doors open at 8 p.m. All ages. Admission is $15.

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