Welcome to the first ever episode of Immersive Sounds, a new local music show that will seek to shine a spotlight on the Atlanta and Athens music scenes by untangling the tethers of people, places, and politics that tie them together. Under ideal circumstances we would have spent more time planning and preparing this venture, but sometimes prudence takes a backseat to opportunity. In this case, we were presented with a chance to open our series by featuring gospel-punks Algiers, a rising band with deep Atlanta roots, who just happen to have released one the most cathartic and thought-provoking debuts in recent memory. Although timing was extremely tight—just a few weeks from inception to launch—we decided to roll up our sleeves and make it happen. The results are by no means perfect, but we believe you’ll see the framework for future episodes when you watch. It’s every bit a work in progress, so let us know what you think and how we can improve.

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Twitter: @AlgiersMusic