With their debut EP, Precious Places, Atlanta quartet Twin Studies combined moody dream pop and tempestuous shoegaze into a sound that was both delicate and, at times, thunderous. The dichotomy certainly wasn’t new, but it was confidently executed even if some songs exhibited a certain lack of melodic cohesiveness.

On their latest two-song single, released back in March, the group return more mature and focused — employing similar elements as their debut while lending greater attention to the overall flow of the music. Of the two tracks, “Attic Room” is the more driving and aggressive, a jangle punk-indebted jam that crackles and spits before dissolving into a noise-coated swirl of dream pop bliss. Meanwhile, “Space Girl” takes a more lush approach, one that leans heavily on Aubrey Meer’s ethereal pop hooks and Jay Stanley’s shimmery guitars and textured grooves. There’s a lightness here, and by this I mean a kind of Cocteau Twins-like radiance that feels soft, gauzy, beautiful. Neither track quite lives up to the potency of the band’s live show, but they’re both a big step forward for a group that seems on the verge of coming into its own. Listen below.

Twin Studies will perform on Saturday, July 11 at the Earl when they open for Dick Diver and fellow locals, Landline. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $8 in advance or $10 DOS.

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