The sixth annual Hammerhead Fest kicks off tonight (Friday, Feb. 17) at Star Bar for yet another two-night frenzy of Atlanta punk and metal. This year’s fest seeks to set the bar even higher for debauchery and hearing loss with an immensely talented and diverse lineup. Unfortunately, Black Tusk has dropped from Saturday night as guitarist Andrew Fidler is needed at his wife Susan’s side as she battles cancer. We ask that you consider donating to her medical costs and show her some love from Atlanta via this MedGift crowdfunding link.

Sensing a disturbance in the force, weirdo rap animal Michael Myerz crawled out of a nearby sewer drain and offered his services to fill out Saturday’s bill.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to hear while you spill beer on yourself and others.


Holy Quit

Old Thrones


The Vaginas

Order of the Owl



Michael Myerz

Get Damned


The Dirty Magazines


Death of Kings

Hammerhead Fest goes down tonight and tomorrow at Star Bar in Little Five Points. Doors open at 8 p.m. The cover is $13 for one night or $20 for both. 21+ to enter. Sorry, kiddos.