In case you missed it, Atlanta trio floral print announced last week they have agreed to join the artist roster for the influential Tiny Engines imprint. Based in the Carolinas, the independent record label was founded in 2008 and has since released a steady deluge of music from the likes of the Hotelier, Beach Slang, Restorations, and many more. Considering Tiny Engines’ tight-knit community of artists and their longstanding dedication to DIY ethics, the pairing should be a strong fit for a group that champions inclusivity and working towards the greater good.

“We are incredibly excited and honored to have the opportunity to work with Tiny Engines,” the band says in a statement provided to Immersive. “Their roster is full of bands we take inspiration from, and it just keeps getting better and better. We’ve had the pleasure of playing/touring with and several friends on Tiny Engines (Jouska, Thelma, Peaer) and look forward to meeting more (we’re playing with Yeesh and Personal Space on this upcoming tour). Everyone we’ve met through the label has been great, and we also like that Tiny Engines has made it a priority to go beyond just putting out music. Basically, we’re stoked!”

In addition to announcing their signing, the trio also revealed details for their forthcoming Tiny Engines debut, mirror stages. Recorded at the Broad Street Visitor’s Center with producer Graham Tavel at the helm, the nine-song LP will be available on vinyl, cassette, and digital on October 20th.

To help us prepare for the forthcoming release, we asked the band to give us some background on the new record, as well as what listeners can expect in relation to their debut, woo (spoiler: the record will be darker, tighter, and more varied). You can read the band’s statement in full below:

“We’ve been working on mirror stages for a really long time, and we’re really excited to have stuff for people to listen to that reflects where we are as a band. Having Graham Tavel as a producer was instrumental to recording this album because we’ve worked with him long enough to be in a very comfortable, yet continually engaging, recording environment. We recorded the bulk of the album on two separate two-day stints at Broad Street Visitor’s Center, with overdubs taking place later. There wasn’t air-conditioning there at the time, so [we] think that put us in a pretty interesting/manic headspace. Also we loved the sound in Broad Street Visitor’s Center, and the natural reverb of that room colors almost the entirety of the record.

When compared to the songs on woo, the songs on mirror stages are a little darker, more varied in influence, better written, and way more tight, playing-wise. The woo recording process happened only after we had been playing for a few months, so mirror stages is different in that it came out of countless hours of collaboration/trial-and-error. Some influences include trying/failing to understand philosophy, relationships ending and beginning, trying to incorporate the sound and feeling of driving south on Moreland Ave., Michael Haneke films, touring, and old video games.

Honestly, it’s difficult to pinpoint the stylistic/cerebral origins of a lot of these songs as music tends to be our retreat from over-intellectualizing things and generally being stuck in our heads. A lot of mirror stages just comes from the joy, immediacy, and physicality of us playing together over the last couple years. And certainly the music of our friends in Atlanta and elsewhere always provides us with energy and new ideas and fresh perspectives.”

And if all that wasn’t news enough, floral print is also headed out on a three-week summer tour that kicks off tomorrow night at Eyedrum. You can check out the tour poster and full list of dates below.

floral print tour

Jul 27 – Eyedrum – Atlanta, GA w/ Kevin Greenspon, J. Hamilton Isaacs
Jul 29 – Go Bar – Athens, GA w/ Juan de Fuca, Truth Club, Delphinium, Cole
Jul 30 – Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN – w/ Moccasin Cowboy, Truth Club
Jul 31 – The Mothlight – Asheville, NC
Aug 01 – Gallery 5 – Richmond, VA
Aug 02 – The Playroom – Washington, DC
Aug 03 – The Sound Hole – Philadelphia, PA w/ Jouska, Snake Cheney, Spirit Week, Adam Babar
Aug 04 – All Nite Diner – Philadelphia, PA
Aug 05 – Mid-Summer Potluck Matinee at Carl Sage Inn! – Bronx, NY
Aug 06 – House Show – Providence, RI
Aug 07 – The ER – Boston, MA – Soft Fangs, Beverly Tender, Strange Mangers
Aug 08 – Alphaville – Brooklyn, NY w/ Norwegian Arms, Personal Space, Airhead DC
Aug 09 – Sewing Souls – Buffalo, NY
Aug 10 – Northside Yacht Club – Cincinnati, OH
Aug 11 – Quencher’s Saloon – Chicago, IL w/ Yeesh, Date Stuff, Gentle Heat
Aug 12 – The Shrub – St. Louis, MO
Aug 13 – Drkmttr – Nashville, TN

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