Recently, local DIY trio floral print were approached by Raleigh-based cassette label Quinton’s Fun Records to contribute a track to a new compilation benefitting Planned Parenthood. According to a statement provided the band, participating in the fundraising venture was a no-brainer. “Obviously Planned Parenthood is an invaluable resource that needs support now more than ever, so we were more than excited to be involved,” the statement says.

Titled Quinton’s Fun Classic Rock Record, the ten-song compilation consists solely of classic rock covers of groups ranging from the Velvet Underground and Fleetwood Mac, to ABBA and the Ramones. Although most of the artists involved are from Raleigh, floral print, along with Athens emo ouftit Scooterbabe, were also asked to participate.

For their contribution, the group settled on Todd Rundgren’s 1974 pop-rock gem “Izzat Love,” a selection based not so much on any affinity for the artist, but more due to their fond memories of Neon’s Indian’s “Deadbeat Summer,” which samples the track. “We’re not necessarily fans,” the band confesses. “We’re not too familiar with Rundgren’s other music, but we enjoy it when we hear it.”

Still, while the band may not look to Rundgren for inspiration, there’s a spunky energy to their effort that mirrors the carefree spirit of the original. What starts as a lazy, low-key groove, soon erupts into a punchy punk scorcher that’s considerably removed from offbeat, genre-bending style we’re used to hearing from floral print. “It’s a really short song, and it allowed us to experiment with ideas that wouldn’t necessarily fit with the music we write ourselves,” the band explains. “Plus, we all like really catchy pop music, and that doesn’t always come through in the music we write, so it was fun to dive into that headfirst.”

Quinton’s Fun Classic Rock Record is available now on cassette and digital. All proceeds from the compilation will go to benefit Planned Parenthood.

floral print will perform tomorrow night, July 18, at the Mammal Gallery. Supporting them will be Slow Mass, Great Deceivers, and Newark Wilder. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $5-10.

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