Fresh off unveiling the visual insanity of his new “Bump” video, Atlanta producer and Awful Records squad member Ethereal dropped a new cut last night called “Eraser” that finds him traversing altogether different sonic territory from the glitchy soundscapes he crafted for his Final Fantasy LP, released earlier this year. In many ways, “Eraser” is a downright traditional hip-hop track, both in spirit and it’s almost nostalgic-leaning approach. It’s a song that pays homage to Kanye West’s Late Registration gem “Late,” which itself borrowed it’s indelible hook from The Whatnauts 1971 hit “I’ll Erase Away Your Pain.” Ethereal uses that track’s classic soul and R&B groove as the foundation for his narcotic flow, tacking on sweeping harp strums for additional color. According to the notes on his SoundCloud stream, “Eraser” is the first single from Ethereal’s upcoming I Think I’m On Fire II, due out later this year. It’s not exactly what we’ve come to expect from the experimental, forward-thinking producer, but damn if it isn’t the perfect soundtrack to this rainy Atlanta morning. Check it out below.

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