Athens psyche rockers Dream Culture have been cranking out an impressive list of singles and EPs over the past year. The five-piece is the product of songwriter Evan Leima, who singlehandedly wrote and performed the majority of the group’s last EP, Post Habitual. Thankfully, Leima’s efforts emphasize the band as a collective rather than an ego-stroking act of self-promotion.

Dream Culture’s latest single, “Try Again,” takes a slightly different, less abstract approach than previous releases. While sonically the band continues to employ a multitude of washed-out synths and reverberated guitars, the track feels more focused and deliberate. In a way, the vibe reminds me of Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker, although with less emphasis on creating some sort of regal experience for the listener. Instead, Leima and crew deliver a funk-inspired dance tune while remaining committed to the psychedelic elements that have defined their sound to date. Nihilist Cheerleader front woman and guitarist Flynne Collins takes the vocal reigns here, and while her eerily haunting melodies are at times in stark contrast to the slacker-synth timbre of the track, the two elements are able to blend together to create an aural experience that’s cohesive and well thought-out. Listen below.

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