Day Old Man - Prolapsed Brainus

The weirdness excreted by Day Old Man’s new EP isn’t for the faint of heart. Prolapsed Brainus is a test-tube baby gone horribly right, and though there are elements of sludge, doom, and experimental psych, the finally product is best described as “ooze” metal.

The duo’s sound isn’t exceptionally abrasive, but this EP is not designed for the casual listener. To be honest, I doubt the “casual experimental stoner metal listener” demographic is very large. In any case, each of the three tracks on the EP clock in at over 15 minutes apiece, with the closer, “Portal Rips,” reaching an epic 22 minutes.

Within these gargantuan compositions, Day Old Man rarely revisits themes. Instead, they opt for an endless sequence of musical shape-shifting, so that by the end of the track the listener is miles away from where they began. Indeed, only the broken pieces of body and soul scattered along the path give any indication as to how far one has travelled within the duo’s alluvial whirlwind.

The echoed vocals of bassist Derek Shultz and drummer Bobby Theberge keep the album moving forward amidst a few ponderous segments, but most of the record’s energy is driven by the spaced-out synth lines, to which both members contributed. As a result, Prolapsed Brainus plays like a prehistoric mix of Zombi and Big Business, never sacrificing melody for heaviness, but throwing it all away on a dime for a chance to pursue the unorthodox and outlandish.

This raw, unhinged sound was carved out in Theberge’s living room and designed to personify the fear of modern living and the bleak future of humanity. To be successful at such a feat is as depressing as it is impressive, and halfway through the second track I could already feel the existential dread washing over me. Listen at your own risk.

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