Is there any lasting substance in crafting a mood or vibe? That seems to be the central question confronting hip-hop these days as the music continues its shift from a predominantly lyrical art form to one more focused on melody and atmosphere. This is certainly the case for “Three Years,” the new single from Atlanta duo Danger Incorporated. It’s an airy, phantasmagoric track that expands and contracts like so many moody puffs of smoke, a narcotic dreamscape where words are merely an aside to the spectral ambience that Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord have created.

It’s also catchy as fuck. The beat may vibrate and hum, the eerie synths may pulse and reverberate like the cries of some extraterrestrial bird, but the hooks, all woozy and nocturnal, snatch you up by the cranium and leave you floating in the murky darkness. This is the kind of song you can simply glide into without any concerns for metaphors or meaning. And while that may tie some old-school purists into fits, this is neither the time nor place for generational clashes. Because out here in the ether there is only the groove and, whoa, does it ever feel good.

“Three Years” is the first single from Danger Incorporated’s upcoming tape, World Wide Web, which, according to the duo, is “coming soon.”

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