It should be noted that Charolastra is not an actual word in the dictionary sense, but given the context that allows it to exist, the adopted moniker of producer Peter Roglin can be translated to something like “space cowboy.” It’s a name well-suited to Roglin’s astral flights of fancy, which lean anywhere from future-seeking electronica to cosmic ambient to jazz-inflected funk and hip-hop. That shifting cross-section of sounds allows for some heady atmospheres and unexpected convergences, but you never get the feeling that his soundscapes are sprawling out of control. His latest single “2nite” is one of his more adventurous cuts, an expressive IDM slow-burner that feels spacious and meditative even when Roglin is lacing the track with a thick coat of textured rhythms. It’s the sort immersive sound experience that allows you to lose yourself in the gorgeous intricacies of specific tones, or you can step back and dive headlong into the glossy currents of the track’s deep undulating grooves. Either way is fine. Observed from near or from afar, “2nite” is an absolutely arresting experience.

Listen below.

Charolastra will perform tomorrow night, September 13, at 529 in support of Distal and NO EYES. Fellow local Taste Tester opens the show. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $7.

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SoundCloud: @charolastra-3