Formed by Atlanta emo vets Tyler Perkins (Bear Girl, Extrovert), Tyler Hendley (Iselia), and Noah Linn (Dog Years, Novelty Foxtrot, Pity Clap), Champagne Colored Cars isn’t just a fresh new start a few guys who have been around the scene for a minute, it’s an electric new take on a rejuvenated genre. The trio’s self-titled debut clocks in at a powerful and exciting 13 minutes, stretching twinkling guitar riffs over fast punk beats and mathy rhythms.

Lead single “Super Silver” is a high-speed and complex punch in the gut that offers an appetizing look at what the remainder of the EP is going to sound like. Perkins’ earnest yet assertive vocals compliment the group’s near frantic instrumentals exceptionally well, bringing a stabilizing sense of melody to the song’s bouncy and dynamic attack.

With each listen of their new EP, I continue to fall in love with what this band is doing. This is restlessly energetic, fast and mean emo. It has a forceful, almost aggressive styling that keeps it from slipping into yet another modern rip-off of seminal ’90s acts like American Football.

“I’m very excited about this release,” Perkins says when I ask him about the new project. “The amount of hard work and dedication everyone has shown so far is very refreshing and makes everything we do very rewarding and just fun in general. We’re writing a follow-up already and plan on touring the East Coast in early 2018.”

Champagne Colored Cars is out Nov. 24.

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