Yesterday, Atlanta’s premiere punk and hardcore festival, Wrecking Ball ATL, announced its 2016 lineup and, hot damn, is it a doozy. Drive Like Jehu! Quicksand! L7! Piebald! Hey Mercedes! Milemarker! The list of beloved reunited acts performing at this year’s fest is impressive and extensive, ensuring that tickets are going to be a hot commodity when they go on sale April 1. And if nostalgia isn’t your thing — don’t worry — there are still plenty of current and emerging acts to get excited about (Deafheaven! Ceremony! Joyce Manor! The Menzingers! Bully!).

Still, as fantastic as the headliners and mid-tiers acts are, we are equally excited about the strong list of Atlanta and Athens locals selected to play this year. Usually Atlanta festival promoters treat local bands as a secondary option deserving only of token consideration, but Wrecking Ball ATL deserves major props for not only stacking the bill with plenty of local talent, but also for keeping their picks dynamic and varied. Yes, you have your heavy hitters — Big Jesus! Microwave! — and your hardcore and punk acts that fit squarely with the festival’s target audience — Abuse of Power! Fox Wound! Auspice! — but part of what makes Wrecking Ball’s selections so important is their inclusion of artists — Mothers! Warehouse! exwhy! — who aren’t normally represented at punk fests. Make no mistake: this is a great day for local music and we can only hope that other Atlanta promoters will take note and follow suit in the future.

Wrecking Ball ATL 2016 will take place on August 12-14 at the Masquerade. Tickets go on sale April 1 via the festival’s website.

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