The latest single by Antarcticats fits comfortably within their discography of explosive surf rock. The three-piece sound strongest when they ignore moderation, turn up the reverb and yell over dirty waves of noise. “Serpentine” is built around a basic rock and roll template, but the vocals are propelled by Andrew Joyce’s brit rock snarl, giving the single a sound more closely related to Kaiser Chiefs than Link Wray.

Antarcticats have always excelled as a live act when Joyce and drummer Chad Miller can play off one another’s energy, reinterpreting riffs and tearing through solos. On “Serpentine” they have at least partially captured that magic. The guitar is wicked, the drums are assertive, and the wildness that was missing on this year’s Short Stories EP is in full force. The track is crowned by the delay-infused outro, which allows the talent of the band to shine through the brute force of the song’s body.

“Serpentine” is the first single to be released in support of their upcoming EP, Irregardless. Hopefully the rest of the record will be as successful in capturing the unexpected chaos of Antarcticats’ live performances.

Irregardless is out November 14.

Antarcticats will celebrate the release of Irregardless on Saturday, November 14 at Jabroni Fest 3. Doors open at 9 p.m. $5 gets you in.

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