DiCaprio – I Went to the Mall Yesterday and I Got Sick

Release Date: March 4
Label: Self-released

Release Info
DiCaprio turned a lot of heads in 2016 and they’re looking to capitalize on that momentum when they unveil their long-awaited debut LP, I Went to the Mall Yesterday and I Got Sick, on March 4. The new record marks the start of what looks to be a busy year for the post-punk trio that also includes an April tour of the East Coast and Midwest, followed by a 7″ to be released via Chunklet.

More Info
Bandcamp: dicaprioatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @dicaprioband

DKA Records

Various – Strategies Against the Body Vol. 2

Release Date: TBA
Label: DKA Records

Release Info
The first volume of DKA Records’ Strategies Against the Body was incisive look at the resurgent industrial/synth scene. What the second volume will bring is anyone’s guess, but considering DKA’s track record of excellence, you know it will be killer.

More Info
Web: dka-records.com
Facebook: @DKAatl
SoundCloud: @dka-records
Tumblr: dkarecords.tumblr.com
Twitter: @DKA_Records


Doesin – The World Below

Release Date: TBA
Label: TBA

Release Info
Described by the group as “An alchemical journey into the dark heart of matter,” The World Below is the follow-up to Doesin’s excellent 2015 LP, It’s Bad Sometimes. No more details have been announced as of yet, but we’re hopeful for a late winter/early spring release.

More Info
Web: doesin.com
Bandcamp: doesin.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @doesin.atl
SoundCloud: @doesin
YouTube: @DoesinBand

The Electric Nature

The Electric Nature – TBA

Release Date: TBA
Label: Tape Drift

Release Info
Michael Potter’s experimental drone and noise project the Electric Nature is responsible for some of the most adventurous local music in the past several years (not to mention prolific). His latest LP, still to be titled, will come out on cassette sometime later this year via Tape Drift.

More Info
Bandcamp: theelectricnature.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @TheElectricNature
SoundCloud: @theelectricnature

Eureka California

Credit: Stacey Piotrowski

Eureka California – Wigwam EP

Release Date: February 24
Label: HHBTM Records

Release Info
Athens duo Eureka California can’t seem to help but write infectious, emphatic crunch pop ragers and their 2016 LP Versus was one of the best records we heard all year. With a new 7″ EP due out next month, here’s hoping the group picks up right where their LP left off.

More Info
Web: eurekacaliforniaband.com
Bandcamp: eurekacalifornia.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @eurekacalifornia
Instagram: @eurekacalifornia
SoundCloud: @eurekacalifornia
Twitter: @eurekacalifone


Fairlane – TBA

Release Date: TBA
Label: TBA

Release Info
Post-hardcore and emo stalwarts Fairlane are currently working on the a new LP, the follow-up to 2015’s excellent WIRIS EP. As soon as more information becomes available we’ll be sure to share it here.

More Info
Bandcamp: fairlaneatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @fairlaneatl
Twitter: @fairlanesucks

Fake Flowers

Credit: Brittany Wages

Fake Flowers – Fantasy Violence

Release Date: April
Label: TBA

Release Info
It’s been nearly two years since Atlanta’s Fake Flowers regaled us with their blend of lush dream pop and fuzzed-out shoegaze, so say we’re ready to get our hands on Fantasy Violence would be an understatement. The foursome’s upcoming LP is due out this April.

More Info
Web: fakeflowersband.com
Bandcamp: /@fakeflowersband
Instagram: @fakeflowersband
Twitter: @flowersboiz

Floral Print

Credit: Carter Sutherland

floral print – TBA

Release Date: TBA
Label: TBA

Release Info
After re-releasing their debut record, woo, through Sad Cactus Records, Atlanta duo floral print have cleared the decks for their next record. How exactly that will take shape remains to be seen, but the group insists they’ll have a new EP or LP before the year is out.

More Info
Bandcamp: floralprint.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @floralprintmusic
SoundCloud: @floralprintatl


Flower – Death By Internet

Release Date: March
Label: TBA

Release Info
After a relatively quiet 2016, Flower will return with renewed vigor in 2017. The alt-rock trio bring their grungy guitars and anthemic vocals to a new EP, Death By Internet, due out in March.

More Info
Web: floweratl.com
Bandcamp: floweratl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @floweratl
Instagram: @floweratlanta
SoundCloud: @floweratl
Twitter: @floweratl


Fuiste – TBA

Release Date: Spring
Label: TBA

Release Info
Fuiste’s adventurous songwriting palette includes an abundance of styles and genres, but it’s their ability to blend it all together with sharp hooks that makes them an artist to watch out for this year. Although details are still scant, the band is currently writing and recording a new full length set for release in the spring.

More Info
Bandcamp: fuiste.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @fuiste.atl
SoundCloud: @fuistepleasestay
Twitter: @fuiste_atl

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