If you’ve been craving new music to carry you into spring, consider this the jackpot. I’ve been putting together these monthly lists for quite some time and I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen one stacked quite like this. Forget the sheer number of releases — the amount of well-anticipated records from established and emerging acts is kind of insane. I mean, if you’re a fan of our city’s dance and electronic scenes, you have to be amped to hear not only the second volume of DKA Records’ eclectic synth compilation, Strategies Against the Body, but also new works from DKA associates Pyramid Club and Pamela_ and her sons. Does your taste lean more towards punk and noise? There’s a new LP from nihilist anti-punks Bataille on the way. Hip-hop and pop? Surely you’re counting the days until CLAVVS unveil they’re new LP, World Underwater. Oh yeah, there are also new jams from 10th Letter and Sister Sai on the horizon, so prepare thy earholes. Is indie and alt rock more your bag? Newark Wilder, Big Brutus, and Flower are going to be holding it down this month. You want a heavy dose of face-rattling metal? You’re in massive luck. Resident riff titans Mastodon and Death of Kings will close out the month with highly-awaited new efforts. The phrase “something for everyone” doesn’t even begin to do it justice. This is a veritable smorgasbord of great local music, and we’re all invited to dig in.

Revenge Season - Malfeasance/Scarred

Revenge Season – Malfeasance/Scarred

Release Date: February 28
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Hardcore and metal five-piece Revenge Season have recently unveiled a new two-song single, “Malfeasance/Scarred.” The digital-only effort is available for streaming and as a name your price download via Bandcamp.

01. Malfeasance
02. Scarred

More Info
Bandcamp: revengeseason.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @revengeseason

The Diamond Kid LP

The Diamond Kid – The Diamond Kid LP

Release Date: March 1
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Coming straight out of Stockbridge, GA, rapper and producer TJ Pompous, a.k.a. The Diamond Kid, has just unveiled an eponymous LP, which he wrote and produced. The nine-song effort is available for streaming on SoundCloud.

01. The Diamond Kid INTRO
02. High (feat. PacMan Snuff)
03. Blue Vanilla Birds (feat. PacMan Snuff)
04. GORGEOUS FREESTYLE (feat. Lone!)
05. The Night Before (feat. LadyShades)
06. City Lights (feat. LadyShades)
07. LOVE Interlude
08. Hocus Pocus (feat. Surf)
09. Company

More Info
Instagram: @tjpompous
SoundCloud: @tjpompous
Twitter: @tjpompous

4-Way Split

Parker Marlow/Ammonia Wash/NEMONEY/The Callous Daoboys – 4-Way Split

Release Date: March 1
Label: Self-released

Release Info
It’s highly probable you won’t find a more unlikely split this year than this four-way pairing of singer-songwriter Parker Marlow, dream rockers Ammonia Wash, rapper NEWMONEY, and noise punks the Callous Daoboys. The seven-track record is available now via Bandcamp.

01. Parker Marlow – Luna
02. Ammonia Wash – Bad Luck
03. Ammonia Wash – Night Dancing
06. The Callous Daoboys – How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days
07. The Callous Daoboys – She Thinks My Tractor Beam is Sexy

More Info
Bandcamp: Stream/Download

WAKE - Manifesto

WAKE – “Wake the Youth”

Release Date: March 1
Label: Underground Field Recordings

Release Info
Everything you need to know about WAKE’s latest single, you can find in our recent premiere. The track is the first cut to be revealed from the group’s Manifesto EP, out April 19.

01. Wake the Youth

More Info
Web: wakeatl.com
Bandcamp: wakeatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @wakeatl
Instagram: @wakeatl
SoundCloud: @wakeatl
Twitter: @wakeatl
Tumblr: wakeatl.tumblr.com

DKA - Strategies Against the Body Vol, 2

Various – Strategies Against the Body Vol. 2

Release Date: March 2
Label: DKA Records

Release Info
DKA presents the follow up to their 2015 synth compilation Strategies Against the Body. The Atlanta label spent the last year compiling brand new tracks from their favorite working artists, veterans, and newbies alike, to bring you the latest and greatest in synth music. The 10-track comp is available now on vinyl and digital.

01. Pyramid Club – It’s All Grey
02. Passing
03. Celldöd – Hemliga Rum
04. Spatial Relation – Infinitely Wary
05. Tifaret – Lara
06. Anticipation – Photograph
07. Videograve – Dead Men Floating
08. Collin Gorman Weiland – Indenture and Stone
09. ARIISK – Candid Machine
10. Xander Harris – Social Leather

More Info
Web: dka-records.com
Facebook: @DKAatl
SoundCloud: @dka-records
Tumblr: dkarecords.tumblr.com
Twitter: @DKA_Records

Hot Air Henry - Thought Loops

Hot Air Henry – Thought Loops

Release Date: March 2
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Hot Air Henry Hot is the new modern classical drone project from Of the Vine guitarist Samuel Laubscher. His three-song debut, Thought Loops, is available now on digital and cassette.

01. Thought Loops
02. Awaken
03. Awaken (Reworking by Leon Helland)

More Info
Web: hotairhenry.com
Bandcamp: hotairhenry.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @HotAirHenry

Bouquet - Nosegay

Bouquet – Nosegay

Release Date: March 2
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Nosegay is the debut EP from newcomers Bouquet, who offer an experimental mix of ambient, noise, punk, and jazz. The eight-song effort is available for streaming and download via Bandcamp.

01. But
02. It Takes One To Know One
03. Never See It Coming
04. Smoke
05. Slayer
06. Staring at the Ceiling
07. What’s the Matter
08. Blackbird Over I75

More Info
Bandcamp: bouquetatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @bouquetATL

God Bless Relative -  Bay of Gordon | The South

God Bless Relative – Bay of Gordon | The South

Release Date: March 3
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Led by songwriter Blake J. Tallent, God Bless Relative is a new indie rock outfit based out of Atlanta. The band’s forthcoming debut, The Bay of Gordon | The South, chronicles Tallent’s life-altering transition from living in Australia and making his way back to life in Georgia. The five-song effort is available for streaming and download via Bandcamp.

01. Consolidate
02. Okay
03. Formidables
04. Passengers
05. Gordons Bay

More Info
Bandcamp: godblessrelative.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @godblessrelative
Instagram: @godblessrelative
SoundCloud: @godblessrelative
Twitter: @GBRelative

Thom Strickland - Bleachy Asshole

Bleachy Asshole – Bleachy Asshole

Release Date: March 3
Label: \\NULL|ZØNE//

Recording Info
The new record from Thom Strickland, alias Bleachy Asshole, proves that cheese is mold is noise is life. For any questions see Lee Adcock’s review.

01. Bleachy Asshole

More Info
Bandcamp: thomstrickland.bandcamp.com

Michael Potter - Shed Dead Flesh

Michael Potter – Shed Dead Flesh

Release Date: March 3
Label: \\NULL|ZØNE//

Recording Info
As the mastermind behind the Electric Nature and \\NULL|ZØNE//, Michael Potter’s experimental and avant noise credentials are well in check. His new solo effort is a 20+ minute soundscape of ambient, darkwave and drone that’s sure to leave your head spinning.

01. Shed Dead Flesh

More Info
Bandcamp: nullzone.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @NullZoneTapes

The Electric Nature - The Nightmare State

The Electric Nature – The Nightmare State

Release Date: March 3
Label: \\NULL|ZØNE//

Recording Info
Setting aside the psychedelic rock they’ve been pursuing over the last several years, The Nightmare State is a return to the bleak drones and monochromatic noise that made up much of the Electric Nature’s earliest material. The two-song EP is available on limited-edition cassette and digital via \\NULL|ZØNE//.

01. This Machine Punches White Nationalists
02. The Nightmare State

More Info
Bandcamp: theelectricnature.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @TheElectricNature
SounCloud: @theelectricnature

Big Brutus - The Odd Willow

Big Brutus – The Odd Willow

Release Date: March 5
Label: Self-released

Release Info
The solo project of former Slang guitarist Sean Bryant, Big Brutus writes ambitious folk and rock music that is compelling and contemplative. His sophomore LP, The Odd Willow, is out March 5.

01. Death
02. Scenery
03. Bury Bone
04. Games For Nameless Things
05. The Odd Willow
06. Louise
07. Hannah, Do You Hear Me?
08. New Voodoo
09. Hotbox
10. (Prelude)
11. Tradition

Big Brutus will celebrate the release of The Odd Willow on Sun., March 5 at the Earl. He will be supported by by Shepherds and Neighbor Lady. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $8-10. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: bigbrutusband.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @bigbrutustheband
SoundCloud: @bigbrutusband

Arbor Labor Union - Alu's Blues

Arbor Labor Union – Abu’s Blues

Release Date: March 7
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Arbor Labor Union’s simmering guitar rock finds a charitable outlet in the form of a surprise new three-song EP, Abu’s Blues. All proceeds from the record will be donated to Georgia Equity, Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, and Elemental Awareness.

01. Choppin’ Block
02. Fool’s Blues
03. Riddlesnake Blues

More Info
Bandcamp: arborlaborunion.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @Arbor-Labor-Union-1656683511216436
Instagram: @arborlaborunion
Twitter: @ArborLaborUnion

Nurse - 7-inch

Nurse – Nurse 7″

Release Date: March 8
Label: Scavenger of Death

Release Info
If you’re up for a heavy dose of grimy, deathly hardcore Nurse are prepared to deliver with another four-song ripper brought to you by the fine folks at Scavenger of Death. The 7″ is out digitally on March 8.

01. Foreign Object
02. Moth
03. In the Middle of the Room
04. I Fold

Nurse will celebrate the release of their self-titled 7″ on Sat., March 18 at 529. They will be supported by Muddle, Vincas, and a special guest. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations encouraged. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: nurseatl.bandcamp.com

Antarcticats - Teeth

Antarcticats – “Teeth”

Release Date: March 10
Label: Scavenger of Death

Release Info
It’s been a minute since we’ve heard new material from Atlanta surf punks Antarcticats, but the trio returns late next week with a new single which is said to explore “the light-hearted and fleeting nature of a budding romance.” “Teeth” drops March 10.

01. Teeth

More Info
Bandcamp: antarcticats.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @antarcticats

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