We’re already seven days into May so let’s go ahead and file this post under better late than never. But considering this list at this particular moment in Atlanta music, I’d say we’re living in momentous times, at least in regards to punk music in the city. We discussed this to some degree in our Local Artists to Watch feature at the beginning of the year, so I don’t necessarily want to revisit the reasoning behind all this. Suffice it to say that seven of that bands that made that list are releasing records this month (albeit one them under unfortunate circumstances — R.I.P. Kudzu Kids), which should be cause enough to pay close attention and keep your ear to the ground in May. But when you consider all those records travel within and around the same relative punk and DIY circles, well that becomes something more like a sign post for a movement.

But beyond the broader trend of a potential watershed moment, May finds longtime scene veterans like Black Lips, Elf Power, and Fred Schneider releasing records alongside exciting newer acts like Faye Webster, Swamp, Yung Matthew, and more. In other words, there’s plenty of local music to seek out and explore this month, and it’s never too late to get started.

Day Tripper -  On Top of the World Tree HxH

Day Tripper – On Top of the World Tree HxH

Release Date: April 30
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Composing under his Day Tripper pseudonym, Dustin Teague of the Difference Machine, a.k.a. DT, has created an album’s worth of instrumental soundscapes inspired by his love for the Hunger x Hunter anime. The eleven-song LP is available now via Bandcamp.

01. Hunter Exam
02. Enter Netero
03. Royal Guard
04. NeN
05. Smoking (Morel)
06. Hisoka
07. Palm Sunday
08. Zoldyks
09. Gings Card
10. Chimera Ants
11. NGL

More Info
Bandcamp: dt-cland.bandcamp.com

Mutual Jerk

Mutual Jerk – 7″

Release Date: May 1
Label: State Laughter

Release Info
If there’s a band that’s earned their reputation over the past couple of years, it’s Mutual Jerk. The group’s relentless gigging and refusal to conform to any pre-conceived notions of punk has led to some of the city’s most uncompromising and rewarding music. Their three-song 7″ is available now via local staple State Laughter.

01. He’s Harmless
02. Parking Lot
03. S.S.W.M.

More Info
Bandcamp: mutualjerk.bandcamp.com

Pay To Cum - Band in Atlanta

Pay To Cum – Band in Atlanta

Release Date: May 1
Label: Brainstorm Records

Release Info
Pay To Cum’s ascent within the Atlanta hardcore scene has been fast and steep, and in 2017 the group will look to turn up the noise with the release of their first full length. The ten-song Band in Atlanta is out now via Brainstorm Records.

01. World Premiere
02. Moonlight You
03. Figure You Out
04. Me
05. Earned It
06. Gotta Have It
07. Dream Girl
08. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
09. Pay To Cum
10. Peace Through Compassion

More Info
Bandcamp: paytocum.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @paytocum

AyOh - Far 2

AyOh – “Far 2”

Release Date: May 2
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Atlanta beatsmith Alec Owen, a.k.a. AyOh, has been teasing a new album for a few months, but for now it seems we’ll have to content ourselves with a new single. “Far 2” is available now via Bandcamp.

01. Far 2

More Info
Bandcamp: ayyohh.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @AyOhBeats
SoundCloud: @ayohbeats
Twitter: @AyOh____

Kudzu Kids - Lady

Kudzu Kids – Lady

Release Date: May 3
Label: Self-released

Release Info
While circumstances surrounding Kudzu Kids’ abrupt disbandment have not been made public, it appears the trio have played their last show and released their final record. The eight-song Lady EP is available now via Bandcamp.

01. Rain
02. Bigger
03. Dirty Magazines
04. Lady
05. Sunflower Kid
06. Fossils
07. Pup
08. Brown Eyes

More Info
Bandcamp: kudzukids.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @kudzukidsofficial

Black Lips - Satan's graffiti or God's art?

Black Lips – Satan’s graffiti or God’s art?

Release Date: May 5
Label: Vice Records

Release Info
Black Lips are prepping the release of their eight studio album, Satan’s graffiti or God’s art?, on May 5. Spanning 18-tracks, the LP will be released on vinyl, CD, and digital via longtime label Vice Records.

01. Overture: Sunday Mourning
02. Occidental Front
03. Can’t Hold On
04. The Last Cul de Sac
05. Interlude: Got Me All Alone
06. Crystal Night
07. Squatting in Heaven
08. Interlude: Bongo’s Baby
09. Rebel Intuition
10. Wayne
11. Interlude: E’lektric Spider Webz
12. We Know
13. In My Mind There’s a Dream
14. Lucid Nightmare
15. Come Ride With Me
16. It Won’t Be Long
17. Loser’s Lament
18. Finale: Sunday Mourning

More Info
Web: black-lips.com
Facebook: @theblacklips
SoundCloud: @the-black-lips
Twitter: @TheBlackLips

Fred Schneider - The Vertical Mind

Fred Schneider and the Superions – The Vertical Mind

Release Date: May 5
Label: HHBTM Records

Release Info
Fred Schneider is of course best-known as a member of beloved Athens greats The B-52s, but here he is backed by his new group the Superions. Together, the trio crank out an assortment of fun pop, disco, and new wave anthems to get the party started.

01. The Vertical Mind
02. Konnichiwa
03. Glitter Gulch
04. Albóndigas (Meatballs Olé!)
05. Sleeping Booty
06. Stampede at the Petting Zoo
07. When the Dingoes Ate the Babies
08. Passport Wallet Cellphone
09. Strip Search
10. Kiss Me To Heaven
11. (Underpants) In the Rain
12. Savage Kiss

More Info
Web: thesuperions.com
Facebook: @thesuperions
Twitter: @TheSuperions

Swamp - The Cloud Eaters

Swamp – The Cloud Eaters

Release Date: May 5
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Word is that Athens rockers Swamp have a new full length, Funereal Tymes, nearing completion, but until that becomes available we’ll have to make due with the album’s lead single, “The Cloud Eaters.”

01. Rooster I
02. The Cloud Eaters
03. Rooster II

More Info
Bandcamp: swampathens.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @swampthangs

The Figurant - Aspects

The Figurant – Aspects

Release Date: May 5
Label: Self-released

Release Info
After unveiling their self-titled debut in early 2016, progressive metal four-piece the Figurant are getting set to drop their sophomore EP, Aspects. The four-song effort will be out on May 5.

01. The Miscreate
02. From Chaos V: The Poisoned Tree
03. The Pharaoh
04. Lullaby of the Endless

More Info
Bandcamp: thefigurant.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @thefigurant
SoundCloud: @the-figurant

Yung Matthew - Auroras

Yung Matthew – Auroras

Release Date: May 6
Label: Underground Field Recordings

Release Info
Atlanta composer and beatsmith Yung Matthew has been keeping himself busy adding meditative textures and depth to WAKE’s experimental hip-hop, but it never seems that his next solo offering is too far away. His upcoming project, Auroras, promises another heady and psychedelic sonic journey, so get your headphones ready.

Auroras (Australis)
01. Farewell, Terra
02. Amida
03. Escape
04. Dark Matter Fusion
05. Yana
06. Moon Gods
07. Set Adrift
08. Transcendence

Auroras (Borealis)
09. Farewell, Terra
10. Amida (feat. Dyver)
11. Escape
12. Dark Matter Fusion
13. Lana (feat. Natural Selektion)
14. Moon Gods
15. Set Adrift
16. Transcendence (feat. WAKE)

More Info
Bandcamp: yungmatthew.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @IamHaspPrecise
SoundCloud: @theyungmatthew

Mammal Tide - All in a Hand

Mammal Tide – All in a Hand

Release Date: May 10
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Mammal Tide is an alternative/indie rock home recording project created by singer-songwriter Landon Lucy. His debut EP, All in a Hand, features eight tracks written and produced by Lucy over the course of his senior year in high school.

01. Old Hotel
02. Porcelain Umbrella
03. Emerald Gates / Silver Statues
04. Shame
05. Wind Chimes (interlude)
06. Take my Time (All in a Hand)
07. Mourning Sun
08. Cosmic Vibrations

More Info
Bandcamp: mammaltide.bandcamp.com

DiCaprio - Sleep In

DiCaprio – “Sleep In” b/w “Hair”

Release Date: May 11
Label: Chunklet Industries

Release Info
DiCaprio’s is following up their terrific full-length debut with two more tracks of dark, disaffected post-punk. The “Sleep In” b/w “Hair” 7″ is due out May 11 via Chunklet Industries.

01. Sleep In
02. Hair

DiCaprio will celebrate the release of their “Sleep In” b/w “Hair” 7″ on Thursday, April 11 at 529 along with Death Stuff and Nag who are also celebrating releases. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations at door. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: dicaprioatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @dicaprioband

Nag - Chunklet

Nag – “Blood”/”Motorcycle Blue” b/w “Dayglow”

Release Date: May 11
Label: Chunklet Industries

Release Info
Nag’s abrasive punk missives may be fueled by tension and a kind of raw aggression, but listen close and you’ll begin to draw out a glint of melody lurking beneath the cacophonous din. The group’s new 7″ is out May 11.

01. Blood
02. Motorcycle Blue
03. Day glow

Nag will celebrate the release of their “Blood”/”Motorcycle Blue” b/w “Dayglow” 7″ on Thursday, April 11 at 529 along with Death Stuff and DiCaprio who are also celebrating releases. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations at door. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: werenag.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @nagatl

Death Stuff - Chunklet

Death Stuff – “Give Up” b/w “Nymphs”

Release Date: May 11
Label: Chunklet Industries

Release Info
Are you sensing a pattern yet? Here’s a third Chunklet release from yet another Atlanta punk outfit on the rise. Death Stuff’s bleak, discordant noise-punk is raw and unnerving, and most definitely should command your attention.

01. Give Up
02. Nymphs

Death Stuff will celebrate the release of their “Give Up” b/w “Nymphs” 7″ on Thurs., April 11 at 529 along with DiCaprio and Nag who are also celebrating releases. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations at door. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: deathstuff.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @deathstuffatl

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