Low Valley Hearts - Pictures of Your Mind
Self-released / Feb. 15
Low Valley Hearts
Pictures of Your Mind

Release Info
Filled generously with Krautrock grooves and exploratory prog rock vision, the debut LP from Low Valley Hearts is sure to engage and expand the minds of many fellow cosmonauts. Locked and loaded with nine expansive tracks, Pictures of Your Mind is set for liftoff on Feb. 15.

01. Highland
02. Fast Sky
03. Highland Abduction
04. Taking Us Down
05. Driving Yourself
06. Knights of Pentacles
07. Lulu
08. Lunar Serenity
09. Broken Walls

Wieuca - Local Celebrity
Land of the Freak / Feb. 16
Local Celebrity

Release Info
Wieuca’s upcoming EP, Local Celebrity, marks the departure of longtime bassist and producer Sam Kempe and welcomes the arrival of Jack Webster (bass) and Andrew Cleveland (sampling and synths) as the band seeks to transition to a more eclectic and hip-hop influenced aesthetic. The four-song effort will be out on vinyl and digital on Feb. 16.

01. Ruby Red
02. Demonstration
03. Friendster (feat. Faye Webster)
04. Local Celebrity

Wieuca will celebrate the release of Local Celebrity on Fri., Feb. 9 at the Caledonia Lounge alongside Deep State and Small Reactions. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $5-7. 18+ to enter.

Self-released / Feb. 16
Dakota Floyd
The Midnight Society

Release Info
Although details on the record are still scant, singer-songwriter Dakota Floyd (The Wild, New Junk City) is preparing for the release of his second full length, The Midnight Society, on Feb. 16. The release will be available on CD, tape, and digital, with the CD coming with original hand-screened art. Tracklist and cover art TBA.

Revenge Season - Eternal Despair
Self-released / Feb. 16
Revenge Season
Eternal Despair

Release Info
Hardcore punk fiends Revenge Season return for another round of corrosive riffs and brutal bloodletting when they unveil their third release, Eternal Despair, on Feb. 16.

01. Strength to Return
02. Blood Remains Forever
03. Malfeasance
04. Scarred
05. Show Your Face

Linqua Franqa - Model Minority
HHBTM Records / Feb. 23
Linqua Franqa
Model Minority

Release Info
With one of the sharpest minds and most explosive flows on the local scene, rapper Linqua Franqa is poised to turn a lot of heads this month when here first full length hits the streets. Model Minority is out Feb. 23 on vinyl and digital via HHBTM Records.

01. Up Close
02. Eight Weeks
03. Midnight Oil
04. Breathe In
05. The Con & The Can
06. The Good Feels
07. Breathe Out
08. Gold Bike
09. Raw (ft. WesDaRuler)
10. My Civilian Life (WesDaRuler Remix)
11. My Civilian Life (Dope KNife Remix)
12. Midnight Oil (WesDaRuler Remix)
13. Gold Bike (Acapella)

Linqua Franqa will celebrate the release of Model Minority on Fri., Feb. 23 at 529 alongside John.AVERAGE, Yani Mo, Day Tripper, and Luxury Vehicle. Doors open at 9 p.m. 21+ to enter.

MTN ISL - Maybe Sometimes People
Self-released / Feb. 23
Maybe Sometimes People

Release Info
After an extended layoff, angular punk crusaders MTN ISL are getting set to return to the scene with a new full length and rejuvenated energy. Maybe Sometimes People is the follow-up to the band’s gnarly (and gnarled) 2015 self-titled LP and will feature 13 tracks of caustic riffage and tightly-wound post-hardcore just like we want it.

01. Righteous
02. Svelte
03. One
04. Sheer
05. Melted
06. Powdered
07. Two
08. Wiry
09. Deaf
10. Three
11. Dead
12. Morose
13. Four

Blind the Thin King - Spoils for Sleepwalkers
Stickfigure/Terminal Muse / Feb. 23
Blind the Thin King
Spoils for Sleepwalkers

Release Info
Blind the Thin King is pre-apocalyptic shadow play music for tales of the looming and self-fulfilling death of empire(s). Spoils for Sleepwalkers will be co-released on Feb. 23 in digital download and CD formats by Stickfigure Recordings and Terminal Muse Futilities.

01. Hail the Newborn Killer
02. Coronation
03. Parade of Idiots
04. Slain Conscripts, Threshold Bound
05. Final Afterglow, For Ruin is Nigh
06. Unliberated
07. Afterlives

Self-released / Feb. 24
Eddie Rascal
Be Better

Release Info
Another release with precious few details, Eddie Rascal is getting ready to share their latest EP, Be Better, on February 24 with a music video leading up to it. Tracklist and cover art TBA.

Eddie Rascal will celebrate the release of Be Better on Sat., Feb. 24 at Mac’s Basement alongside Mighty, Fairshake, and Raps Moran. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Blackfox - La Brea
Self-released / Feb. 28
La Brea

Release Info
Atlanta psych wanderers Blackfox are gearing up for another mind-bending journey from darkness and decay and into the pale light of dawn. Expect plenty of cinematic alt-country musings, desert rock bombast, and other noisy revelations when La Brea drops on Feb. 28.

01. Black Chiffon Dress
02. Block My Sun
03. Holly
04. Lord Has Left Me
05. Sara
06. The Truth
07. Dream About You
08. On Nothing

Deep Rest Records / TBA
worlds greatest dad
“Laughing While You’re Smiling”

Release Info
Set for a late February release, “Laughing While You’re Smiling” will be the first single to be revealed from worlds greatest dad’s much-anticipated first full length, Get Well Soon, which is expected to be out sometime in late spring. Although the single artwork is still in process, the band says a video will also accompany the release of the track.

01. Laughing While You’re Smiling

Nowhere Safe - Voices Inside My Head
Self-released / TBA
Nowhere Safe
Voices Inside My Head

Release Info
Nowhere Safe is a newish three-piece that blend aspects of post-hardcore, punk, and post-rock. Recorded with Aaron Hendrickson at American Sushi, the trio will reveal their debut EP, Voices Inside My Head, sometime this month.

01. Holy Ghost
02. Everywhere
03. Flowers
04. Voices

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