I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve certainly missed this feature. While it’s always been one of the more difficult and frustrating lists to put together, subject as it is to wrangling artists and chasing down information from some of the more capricious souls I’ve had the pleasure to come across, the truth of the matter is this shit is helpful. And not just as some arbitrary marker, a quick flag to plant to say, “Quick, look over here, and see what’s happening!” But more so as compendium to be examined in relation to a greater narrative or historical arc. Yes, it’s just a simple list of who’s releasing what and when, but if you can look at each artist as a spool of thread that you can unravel or wind back in order to locate a specific kink or knot or frayed edge, then you may be able to learn something about advances and decline, developmental growth and holding patterns. Maybe, if we’re patient and observant enough, we can even begin to develop a sense of where things may be headed.

Looking closely at this list, what emerges is a unique melding of old and new; bands that have been slugging it out in the trenches and those who are new to the fight, full of energy and vigor. Of the 24 records presented here, a heavy handful of them are from artists who have stepped away for a bit, regathered their forces, and are looking to come back swinging (I’m looking specifically at you MTN ISL and MammaBear). As for the others, well, there are those looking to make new waves (Linqua Franqua and Wieuca come immediately to mind) and others that appear happy to coast in their wake. Where any of them are ultimately headed is anyone’s guess, but it sure is fun to follow those threads.

Michael Cera Palin - I Don't Know How to Explain It
Chatterbox Records / Feb. 2
Michael Cera Palin
“I Don’t Know How to Explain It”

Release Info
Emo stalwarts Michael Cera Palin have shown significant growth since their debut release, Growing Pains, as evidenced by “Portrait of a Man on a Couch With Cats,” the lead single from their upcoming sophomore EP, “I Don’t Know How to Explain It” (look for our thoughts on the cut in tomorrow’s TRIPLE THREAT). The full five-song EP is out today.

01. Portrait of a Man on a Couch With Cats
02. Southern Comfort
03. If It Makes You Happy
04. Admiral
05. Go Home. Play Music. Feel Better.

Michael Cera Palin will celebrate the release of “I Don’t Know How to Explain It” on Sat., Feb. 10 at the Bakery alongside Ammonia Wash, Champagne Colored Cars, Drowning Lessons, and Thommassons. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $5. All profits go to RAINN. All ages.

Post Hunk - Sex Life/Winder
Self-released / Feb. 2
Post Hunk
Sex Life/Winder

Release Info
The solo project of multi-instrumentalist John Pierce (Shouldies; Man Up, Yancey), Post Hunk’s lo-fi, genre hopping provides Pierce an ideal platform to experiment with varied sounds and come to terms with his artistic voice. His latest release is a two-song single that ventures into weathered Americana and deconstructed rock, among other diversions.

01. Sex Life
02. Winder

Zack Falls - Feeling
Self-released / Feb. 2
Zack Falls

Release Info
Zack Falls is a multi-instrumentalist and producer that focuses on creating electronic music that attempts to forge a bond between classic musicality and a modern aesthetic. His latest single “Feeling” is out today.

01. Feeling

Self-released / Feb. 3

Release Info
Recorded at Broad Street Visitors Center with Dan Carey Bailey (Visitors, Faun and a Pan Flute, Carey), this will be the first and final release from the now defunct trio Schroeder who formed in 2012 and disbanded just a year later. Although the band no longer exists, the group was determined to leave a record of their melodic, math-influenced punk rock. The trio’s self-titled EP is out tomorrow.

01. cultured silk
02. less of you & more of me
03. another look around
04. infinite down
05. do something
06. on your nerves
07. conversations with myself
08. it’s real

Murk Daddy Flex + Isaak Pancake - Lucky Numbers
Self-released / Feb. 6
Murk Daddy Flex + Isaak Pancake
Lucky Numbers

Release Info
The pairing of left-field electronic artists Murk Daddy Flex and Isaak Pancake is surely one of the more unanticipated but welcome collaborations of this young year, and their debut single “Jury Portrait” certainly justified the hype. The duo will unveil their full 13-song collection entitled Lucky Numbers early next week.

01. Every Day at 8:88
02. Acid Free
03. Beat for Sale $100
04. Rock Heaven
05. Fiefdom Jazz
06. Cut Crease
07. Jury Portrait
08. Rehearsal Dinner
09. Tiny Wizard
10. Polonaise for Travis Barker
11. Maybe I Was Sitting
12. Ocean Elevens (2201)
13. Fugue State

Pony League - A Picture of Your Family
Bear Kids Recordings / Feb. 6
Pony League
“A Picture of Your Family”

Release Info
Technically, we don’t know when exactly Pony League is going to share the lead single and title track from their upcoming LP, but the bad did say early next week, so here we are. Produced by Marshall Coats, the band’s sophomore full length, A Picture of Your Family, is out Mar. 23 via Bear Kids Recordings.

01. “A Picture of Your Family”

Pony league will celebrate the release of A Picture of Your Family on Thu., Mar. 22 at Aisle 5 alongside Blood on the Harp and Dear Blanca. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10. All ages.

The Good Graces - The Hummingbird EP
Pretty New Songs / Feb. 9
The Good Graces
The Hummingbird EP

Release Info
Constructed as a kind of postscript to the Good Graces’ full length Set Your Sights, the four-song Hummingbird EP finds singer-songwriter Kim Ware and her revolving cast of players churning out atmospheric indie folk with melody and harmony to spare. Pre-orders are available now. Look for the record to drop on Feb. 9.

01. The First Girl
02. X My
03. (I Should Probably Write a) Happy Song
04. Waiting

Dearie Me - They Love Me Still the Same
Self-released / Feb 9
Dearie Me
They Love Me Still the Same

Release Info
Originating as a solo project for singer-songwriter Henry Pharis, Dearie Me has since evolved into an indie rock four-piece that counts Manchester Orchestra and Damien Jurado among their influences. Over the past year and a half they have worked with Austin Blaine of Stray Thoughts Recordings to produce their debut LP, They Love Me Still the Same. The 12-song effort is out Feb. 9 on all major streaming platforms.

01. Break My Skin
02. Friend of an Old Friend
03. Means
04. Law School
05. The Pessimist and the Optimist
06. Desolation Smiles
07. Passenger Seat
08. Someday (You’ll Be Happy That You Haven’t Died)
09. The Rest of Our Lives
10. The Devil and His Lover
11. Outside
12. Bloody Noses

Self-released / Feb. 10
My House

Release Info
It’s been a long minute since we’ve heard from MammaBear, but the Atlanta rockers have informed us they will soon be releasing the first single/video off their upcoming album SAY. Although a release date has yet to be set for the new LP, lead single “My House” is out Feb. 10.

01. My House

Self-released / Feb. 14
Various Artists
Smile Girls Vol. 1: Goodbye Valentine

Release Info
Gabbie Watts of Atlanta duo Cuntry is spearheading this ladies-only compilation tape featuring some of the area’s best and brightest, including Total Babe, Haint, Amy G Dala, Kristen Englenz, Adelaide, and Casey Hood. Although the final tracklist and cover art remain to be determined, the comp will definitely be out on Valentine’s Day.

Velveteen Pink LP
Laser Brains / Feb. 14
Velveteen Pink
Velveteen Pink

Release Info
Recorded by C.K Koch at Slow Records/Studios in Athens and mixed by Mike Albanese (Maserati, Cinemechanica, Bit Brigade), the self-titled debut LP from Athens’ Velveteen Pink is twelve tracks of unabashed pop and swaggering dance jams with a funky edge. The 12-song release is out this Valentine’s Day.

01. Precision
02. Walk By Me
03. Coldest Touch
04. Blackheart
05. Empty’n Blue
06. Sunshine Shabellia Lane
07. Redzone
08. Boy Inside the Ghost
09. Disperse
10. Death
11. Remember Me
12. Girls Who Abuse

Velveteen Pink will celebrate the release of their self-titled debut on Wed., Feb. 14 at the Georgia Theatre alongside Booty Boyz and Powerkompany. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10. 18+ to enter.

King of Summer - Tunnel of Love
Star Rats Records / Feb. 14
King of Summer
“Tunnel of Love”

Release Info
Yet another Valentine’s Day release, King of Summer will unveil a new cassette single, appropriately titled “Tunnel of Love.” Side A of the tape will feature the single and side B will feature a Valentine’s Day Special Broadcast from KoS to the lovers of the world. “Tunnel of Love” was recorded and produced by Travis Hill at The Looking Glass Recording in East Point.

01. Tunnel of Love
02. Special Broadcast from KoS

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