If it’s possible to judge what sort of year it will be for local music by how 2017 is starting out, then we should all buckle in for a wild ride. The first few weeks have already hit us with a string of releases ranging from solid to stellar, and it seems like it’s only going to get better and busier from here on out. February essentially features a who’s who of emerging local punk and indie acts — Pallas, Bitter, Death Stuff, DiCaprio, Nag, Omni, and more. Immersive prides itself on trying to maintain a fair balance and critical view of what’s happening from month to month, and we can honestly say it’s been a while since we’ve been this excited for a batch of new records to be released. And all this is before you begin to factor in a new LP from the incomparable Shannon Wright, an upcoming EP from noise pop foursome Small Reactions, and lastly, the fifth and final work from noise rockers Hawks, who recently announced they are calling it quits after nearly a decade in the trenches. That’s a dizzying amount of potentially great music to look forward to, and a sure as sign as any that the Atlanta and Athens scenes are as creatively strong and healthy as ever.

Pallas - Cassingle

Pallas – Cassingle

Release Date: January 26
Label: Designer Medium Records

Release Info
Yeah yeah, this came out digitally last week, but we’re still going to spend all of February blasting this on repeat, so we may as well include it on here. If this is your introduction to Atlanta’s Pallas, then damn it’s a great one. Two blasts of angular mathy punk the flies by in well under three minutes. This cassingle may only be a preview of the group’s upcoming 12″, but it is still mandatory listening.

01. Location 13
02. Location 12

More Info
Facebook: @pallasatl

Dialogue - Isolated in Time

Dialogue – Isolated in Time

Release Date: January 31
Label: Underground Field Recordings

Release Info
Alexa Lima and Keith William might be better known for their work in Waking Astronomer and WAKE, respectively, but their collaborative noise project Dialogue is every bit as powerful and forward-thinking. Their new LP, Isolated in Time, is an epic improvisation session that runs an hour and forty minutes. Tune in and zone out.

01. Side A
02. Side B

More Info
Bandcamp: dialogueatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @dialogueatl
Instagram: @dialogueatl
Twitter: @dialogueatl

Shannon Wright - Division

Shannon Wright – Division

Release Date: February 3
Label: Vicious Circle Records

Release Info
Since the late ’90s, Shannon Wright has been writing powerfully captivating music for small but dedicated legion of fans and admirers. Her quiet, penetrating songs may sound fragile, but there is a strength and ferocity there that strikes deep. Wright’s latest LP, Division, is out February 3.

01. Division
02. The Thirst
03. Wayward
04. Accidental
05. Seemingly
06. Soft Noise
07. Iodine
08. Lighthouse (Drag us in)

More Info
Web: shannonwrightmusic.com
Facebook: @shannonwrightmusic

Ivory Williams - Too Cool to Be Nice

Ivory Williams – Too Cool to Be Nice

Release Date: February 3
Label: In Crowd

Release Info
Backed by the classic pop and soul sounds of the In Crowd crew, local singer-songwriter Ivory Williams is preparing the release of her new LP, Too Cool to Be Nice. The 11-song LP comes out February 3.

01. Mr Money
02. Ding Goes the Bell
03. Little Flowers
04. Mary Mary Quite Contrary
05. Chain Smoker
06. Gold Digger
07. Only a Man
08. Worry
09. My Sweet Companion
10. Tired of Singing Love Songs
11. More to the Moon

More Info
Web: ivorywilliamsmusic.com
Facebook: @Ivorywilliamsmusic
Instagram: @ivorywilliamsmusic
SoundCloud: @ivorysounds

Null Zone - Exterminate All Rational Music

Various – Exterminate All Rational Music

Release Date: February 4
Label: \\NULL|ZØNE//

Release Info
19 tracks of homemade experimentalism, including many local artists brought to you by \\NULL|ZØNE//, a new cassette label operated by Michael Potter of Electric Nature fame. Limited edition run of 50 pro dubbed, blue tint C92 cassettes available February 4.

01. Sunwatchers – There is No God and Fuck the Government
02. Carey – Other People
03. Genetic Outcast – Vibrato of Third Brau|ȇ Codex
04. Smokedog – Oh Long Johnson
05. Boat Of (1982), Peach of Immortality (1986), OHNE (2002), and TLASILA (2015) – Forbidden to the Profane – A Chronological Collage
06. Andrew Bernstein – Thought Forms I
07. Alec Livaditis – Rummaging
08. Ramble Tamble – Wheeler in the Sky (For Billy Edd)
09. Clang Quartet – Palm Sunday
10. TanKorean – The Wonderful Activity
11. Easily Suede – Magic Sick Cadence
12. Wet Garden – Hipparchia
13. The Electric Nature – The Western Lands
14. Shane Parish – June Improvisation
15. Lost Trail – Late Summer Golden Chill
16. Future Ape Tapes – Thru the Veil
17. Spiral Joy Band – 120112
18. Dylan Golden Aycock – Buckdancer’s Choice
19. Suffer Bomb Damage – Untitled

\\NULL|ZØNE// will celebrate the release of Exterminate All Rational Music on Saturday, February 4 at Go Bar. Nonconnah (TN), The Electric Nature, Leisure Service, and Third Eye Stir Fry will share that bill. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $3. 18+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: nullzone.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @NullZoneTapes
SoundCloud: @nullzone

Death Stuff - LP

Death Stuff – Death Stuff

Release Date: February 10
Label: Monofonus Press

Release Info
Death Stuff’s noisy punk squall is a dark and feverish thing to behold, and we couldn’t be more excited for the group to unveil a proper debut. Fortunately we won’t have to wait long. The trio’s full-length cassette is out February 10 via Monofonus Press.

01. Life
02. Surprise Ex
03. BPU
04. Personal Hellth
05. ADD
06. Cuddlers
07. Suffering
08. Spooky
09. Life Stuff/Death Stuff
10. Sids
11. Cruising
12. Automatically Dead
13. Death
14. Surf Curse

Death Stuff will celebrate the release of their debut LP on Tuesday, February 7 at 529. They will be supported by Mutual Jerk, Muddle, and Caesium Mine. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations encouraged. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: deathstuff.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @deathstuffatl


Bitter – Bitter

Release Date: February 10
Label: Pup Sounds

Release Info
In well under a year, DIY four-piece Bitter have caused quite a stir with their emotional queer punk. With a new single out and their debut EP to follow on February 10, you can expect plenty of great things from the group in 2017.

01. When You Were Sad
02. Stay
03. Inside Out
04. Tender Aggression
05. Juno
06. Sorry I’m Late
07. El Dolor

Bitter will celebrate the release of their debut LP on Saturday, February 11 at EAT YR VEGGIES: A Benefit for RADDISH at the Arts Exhchange. Also performing will be Femignome, Snoot, Howling Star, and Nerdkween. Doors open at 6 p.m. Donations of $5-25 encouraged. All Ages.

More Info
Web: bitteratl.com
Facebook: @BitterAtl
Instagram: @wearebitteratl

Charolastra - God Help Us

Charolastra – God Help Us

Release Date: February 17
Label: VLSC Records

Release Info
The moniker of producer Peter Roglin, Charolastra loosely translates to “space cowboy,” which suits his cosmic ambient explorations well. His upcoming LP, God Help Us, is due out February 17 via the newly-founded VLSC Records.

01. Top of the World
02. Snowball
03. Fury
04. Spiraling Down
05. 2Nite
06. Microdream
07. Masked Warrior
08. Last Meal
09. As the Hand Reaches Out
10. Is Everything as It Seems
11. God Help Us (Outro)

Charolastra will celebrate the release of God Help Us on Saturday, February 18 at 529. He will be supported by Clothes, TheyungMatthew, and a late night set from Dee Belvedere. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations accepted. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: charolastra.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @CarlAshtray
SoundCloud: @charolastra-3


andi. – the blackout sessions

Release Date: February 17
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Andi Rogers (Night Driving in Small Towns, star-splitter) is preparing to release her second solo EP, the blackout sessions, a title which originates from the series of boozy recording sessions she shared with her Night Driving in Small Towns co-conspirator, Colby Wright, while working on the songs. Wright recorded the material at his studio in south Georgia and played the majority of the instruments on the record. Cover art and tracklist TBA.

More Info
Bandcamp: andimusicatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @andimusicatl
Instagram: @andimusicatl
Twitter: @andimusicatl

Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca – Lingua Franca

Release Date: February 17
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Lingua Franca is the nerdy smart rapper persona of Mariah Parker, a “hip hop linguistics field researcher” from Athens. Backed by fresh beats from Murk Daddy Flex, her self-titled EP will be out on February 18. Cover art and tracklist TBA.

Lingua Franca will celebrate the release of her debut EP on Saturday, February 18 at the World Famous. Ishues, Squalle and LG, Wesdaruler, Letsruntrack, and
the Pleasure Point will also share the stage. Doors open at 5 p.m. Admission is TBA. 18+ to enter.

More Info
Facebook: @liiinguafranca
Bandcamp: lingua-franca.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @linquafranca
Twitter: @linquafranca

DiCaprio - I Went to the Mall Yesterday and I Got Sick

DiCaprio – I Went to the Mall Yesterday and I Got Sick

Release Date: February 21
Label: Self-released

Release Info
Technically DiCaprio’s much anticipated debut LP, I Went to the Mall Yesterday and I Got Sick, is already available for streaming and download, so you should probably go ahead and check that out, like pronto. Physical LPs should be available for their Valentine’s Day show at the Earl. The new record marks the start of what looks to be a busy year for the post-punk trio that also includes an April tour of the East Coast and Midwest, followed by a 7″ to be released via Chunklet.

DiCaprio will celebrate the release of I Went to the Mall Yesterday and I Got Sick on Saturday, March 4 at 529. They will be supported by Bodyfather, Glare, Jock Gang, and DJ Mannequin Lover. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations encouraged. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: dicaprioatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @dicaprioband

Small Reactions - Notorious

Small Reactions – Notorious

Release Date: February 24
Label: Bear Kids Recordings

Release Info
Another artist with multiple releases planned for 2017, Small Reactions will first drop a five-song EP called Notorious on February 24. The nerve pop foursome will then follow it with their sophomore full length, RXN_002, due out sometime this summer.

01. Notorious
02. Indian Summer (Beat Happening Cover)
03. JULY 3/4
04. Betamax (1981)
05. Thrown to the Elements

Small Reactions will celebrate the release of Notorious on Thursday, February 23 at the Earl. They will be supported by Fake Flowers and Art School Jocks. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Admission is $8. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: smallreactions.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @smallreactions
Instagram: @smallreactions
SoundCloud: @smallreactions
Twitter: @smallreactions

Eureka California - Wigwam

Eureka California – Wigwam 7″

Release Date: February 24
Label: HHBTM Records

Release Info
Athens duo Eureka California can’t seem to help but write infectious, emphatic crunch pop ragers and their 2016 LP Versus was one of the best records we heard all year. With a new 7″ EP due out February 24, here’s hoping the group picks up right where their LP left off.

01. Wigwam
02. Only Birds No Feathers
03. Slack Motherfucker

More Info
Web: eurekacaliforniaband.com
Bandcamp: eurekacalifornia.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @eurekacalifornia
Instagram: @eurekacalifornia
SoundCloud: @eurekacalifornia
Twitter: @eurekacalifone

Omni - Fever Bass

Omni – “Fever Bass” b/w “Thesis”

Release Date: February 28
Label: Chunklet Industries

Release Info
After emerging as one of the city’s best post-punk outfits with the release of their debut LP, Deluxe, Omni are ready to follow it up with a new 7″ and a new drummer in tow. “Fever Bass” b/w “Thesis” is out February 28 via Chunklet. Pre-orders are available here.

01. Fever Bass
02. Thesis

More Info
Facebook: @omniatl
Instagram: @omnideluxe
SoundCloud: @omni-band
Twitter: @omniatl

Hawks - No Cash Value

Hawks – No Cash Value

Release Date: TBA
Label: Learning Curve Records

Release Info
With their recent announcement that they are calling it quits, Hawks’ fifth LP, No Cash Value, will be their swan song after nearly a decade of churning out some of the city’s filthiest, most gut churning noise rock. Considering the release show is on April 1, this could all be a part of some elaborate prank, but I doubt it. Make sure to circle this one on your calendar, folks. It may be a long time before we see their likes again in Atlanta. Release date TBA.

01. Tone Deaf
02. Dust Up
03. III
04. Silk/Slime
05. Clean Plate
06. Blacktop
08. Singlehanded
09. Luckless

Hawks will celebrate the release of No Cash Value on April 1 at the Earl. They will be supported by the Sunglasses who are reuniting for the show. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10. 21+ to enter.

More Info
Bandcamp: hawksnoise.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @hawksnoise

NAG - False Anxiety

Nag – “False Anxiety” 7″

Release Date: TBA
Label: Total Punk

Release Info
After emerging out of relative obscurity in 2016, local punks Nag took the scene by storm on the strength of their ferocious live shows. The band has a busy year ahead of them, beginning with the release of a 7″ on Total Punk sometime this month and another 7″ this spring on Pelican Wow Wow Records. As if that wasn’t enough, the band will drop another 7″ later in the year on Chunklet.

More Info
Bandcamp: werenag.bandcamp.com